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Artistry from a Different Perspective


A Different Perspective

Well, hey there! Nice to see you here. I'm John, the founder of Higher View Creations. After being a commercial airline pilot for most of my career, I'm now semi-retired and enjoying life on my terms. But I've got so many ideas and so much energy, I couldn't just stop doing what I have a passion for. So, my passions became Higher View Creations.


I've always believed in a higher purpose for our lives - a calling for what God wants us to become. And it's clear He has urged me to live out His calling for my life. And I believe that's using the ingenuity and imagination He gave me to capture the beauty of His creation, to craft with precision using my hands and eyes, and to please my customers with thoughtful attention to detail in everything I create. I'm doing my best to do just that.

Higher View Creations is my attempt at offering a different perspective to the beauty of this world. If that's through imaginative photography and videography from above, custom-crafted laser engraving, inventive 3D printing, or exceptional woodworking pieces.


Have a look around and see what we can do together. And if you're in my neck of the woods, stop by and let's have an iced tea. Or a beer if that suits the mood better. 

Drone Services


Flying a plane is a lot like flying a drone to capture imagery. To do it well, it takes precision and finesse to get a cinematic picture. As a commercial pilot for my career, I made sure people were comfortable on my aircraft. I use the same maneuvering to capture the best imagery of your property or project from high above.




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Wanderin Star

Wanderin Star

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If you need still shots or motion video, we are your source for capturing your property from a higher view. 

If you've got a project or a property you want imagery of, just reach out and we can talk.

New Zealand Coast


We capture the beauty of the world, or your imagination, from above. 


Precision takes patience. And it demands attention to detail. Our custom laser engravings are a work of beauty, but a labor of love. I meticulously craft each piece to your specifications, making sure I capture your vision, and, in many cases, exceed your expectations with responses of gratitude. This is a true passion mine and I hope you love the end results.


If you have something you want engraved, let's talk.

Lazer Engraving
Wood Working


No matter who you are, there's always something to be said for custom woodwork in your home or office space. We build with function and natural beauty in mind to give you a piece that meets your needs, improves how you live, and adds some character to your surroundings. 


If there's something you want to build or something you see here that inspires you, give us the opportunity to create it for you.

3D Printing


From your imagination to reality. We have the equipment and expertise to realize your vision in three-dimensional form for quick prototyping and fully operational components to hobby projects and gifts, 3D printing has fascinated our minds and we put it to functional use.

3D Print Carbon Fiber

We use a Mark Forged Mark 2. With it, we can print nylon and a plastic that's infused with Carbon Fiber called Onyx. Both of which can be layered with Fiberglass, Kevlar, or Carbon Fiber for strength.

3D Printed SD Card Holder

Tel: 615 -359 - 6272

Castalian Springs, Tennessee

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Thanks for your interest in Higher View Creations!

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